PT Piaggio Indonesia invites Everyone to Find the Happiness and Power of the Present in Every Small Moment with Vespa Picnic

The New Vespa Picnic with rustic-chic design and modern-picnic vibe features, levels up the way of enjoying every moment in life, anytime, anywhere.

PT Piaggio Indonesia officially unveils the new Vespa Picnic Limited Edition; dedicated to deliver a message of positivity and hope, and celebrate the power of happiness, each and every moment. Vespa Picnic is devoted to the lifestyle of those who retain a sense of freedom to relish the small moments that truly matter.

Picnic is not an activity. Vespa Picnic is a symbol of freedom, happiness, and hope. It is a state of mind – the endless possibilities of enjoyment. The Vespa Picnic Limited Edition truly personifies the Italian way of ‘La Dolce Vita’- to live the moment to the fullest. With Vespa Picnic, Life is a Picnic!

Vespa Picnic is a perfect match of the timeless Vespa Primavera design with the breath-taking classic colors inspired by nature itself: the soothing Green Relax and the gentle Grey Materia. Vespa Picnic is designed with some unique brown details to build a Premium Rustic-Chic design with modern-picnic vibe features, such as the two-tone saddle with different shades of brown, the signature belt in beige in the front and rear carriers and a dedicated brown-insert footstep.

The Vespa Picnic Limited edition is easily recognized by the dedicated “Vespa Picnic” signature badge on the front compartment, white edge shield and the 12” wheel white glossy rims and celebratory Vespa decals on the body.

Customers can also upgrade their experiences with the Vespa Picnic dedicated accessories which go along the thematic celebration of happiness and freedom, such as soft picnic blanket, unique rattan basket, white cooling bag (inside the basket), and Vespa tumblers. For fashion lovers, you complete the Vespa Picnic look with a fedora hat and complimenting tote bag.


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